Forum Rules, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Please read this carefully. It is not the usual forum registration blurb.

By joining or continuing to use this forum you are agreeing to comply with the following rules, policies and disclaimers.

A.  Registration

  1. Each individual may set up one forum identity only.
  2. When registering on the forum, you will need to choose a username. Choose a name which other forum members can remember. Amateur radio callsigns are only acceptable with a first name appended. Do not include anything that could be regarded as obscene or offensive.
  3. Usernames may contain between 7 and 15 letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores and spaces.
  4. During registration you will be required to enter your location. You must state your nearest large town or city, plus your county if inside the UK, and plus your country if outside the UK.
  5. The registration system will send you a verification email. Make sure your email spam filters do not block email from before registering.
  6. Members should ensure their profile contains a valid working email address at all times.
  7. You have the option to hide your email address from other forum members. It is recommended that you enable this option for your own protection.
  8. The first few posts you make will be queued for verification by a moderator before appearing. Once you have made a few acceptable posts this restriction will be removed. The moderators may reapply this restriction if they feel that your posts require this verification.

B.  Posting Messages

  1. Please post your message in one section only, using a meaningful title.
  2. When replying, ensure that any post is relevant to the title of the thread and to the ongoing discussion within the thread. Off-topic posts will be deleted by moderators.
  3. If you start a new thread please don't bump it until at least 14 days have elapsed after you last posted in it.
  4. Please avoid vulgar and offensive language.
  5. Keep your posts 'clean'. Unnecessary departure from the default font style and size, excessive use of different fonts and/or colours and excessive use of emoticons may result in the post being edited or deleted at the discretion of a moderator. Do not use textspeak ('m8') or Facebookese ('LOL!').
  6. Remember that you are making statements in a public forum and that you are legally responsible for your own words and for any action that may result from your comments.
  7. Messages must be written in clear English. If English is not your first language, please just do the best you can.
  8. Do not post or request service data, or links to service data, if it is for sale at The service data website funds this forum. You may post a small section from published data (such as a section from a circuit diagram or other diagram) to illustrate or help with a discussion.
  9. For your own protection, you must not include your email address, telephone number or other contact details in your posts or signature.

C.  eBay and other on-line auctions etc.

All references to eBay below also apply to other similar organisations. These rules exist for good historical reasons and are strictly enforced. If in doubt about the rules, please avoid mentioning eBay at all.

  1. The word "eBay" can be used in these forums so long as you keep within the rules. Don't use euphemisms like 'fleabay'.
  2. You may not promote eBay auctions. This applies to other seller's auctions as well as your own.
  3. You may not post links or references to items just because they interest you, though you may respond to a "Sets/Parts Wanted" or "Information Wanted" post by mentioning an eBay item or posting a link to it.
  4. No discussion is allowed about the eBay company (including subsidiaries), the eBay website, eBay auction items or eBay sellers.
  5. The moderators will assess any references to eBay or items listed thereon on a case-by-case basis. This may result in posts that are felt unsuitable or inappropriate being edited or removed regardless of the above rules.

For more information about the reasons for this section of the rules and further clarification of what is and is not acceptable please read this forum thread.

D.  Buying and Selling

  1. Regular contributors to the forum discussions may post messages requesting parts and sets they require, and may also offer occasional items for sale. However it should be noted that any buying or selling is a peripheral activity and is not the main purpose of the forum.
  2. Offered and Wanted posts may only be posted in the Offered and Wanted sections of the forum.
  3. Items offered or requested must be relevant to the topics discussed at this forum.
  4. Any item offered must include an exact price, and indicate whether or not you are prepared to post it. If the item is free of charge, please say so.
  5. The only exception to the exact price rule is if all the proceeds are to be donated to charity. In this case the name of the charity must be clearly stated and the buyer expected to pay by cheque written directly to the charity, or make an online donation to the charity (directly or via a JustGiving or similar fundraiser) that is visible to all parties.
  6. Messages offering or requesting swaps are not permitted. These are rarely successful and are sometimes used to circumvent the price rule above.
  7. If the location of the item is not the same as your location in your profile, you must state the location of the item.
  8. You should expect people to reply in the forum or via the forum Private Message system, and should check back to read any replies. Requests for replies by other means, such as email or phone, will be deleted. Please post once the item has sold so that the thread can be closed.
  9. The posting of sale or wanted messages is a privilege offered to regular forum members only. If, in the opinion of the moderators, you are only here to trade and not to become involved in other discussions, your posts may be deleted and your access to the forum may be restricted.
  10. Commercial advertising and spamming is not permitted under any circumstances.

E.  Private Messages and Emails

  1. To report an abusive or unwanted Private Message (PM), please click on the 'Report' icon or contact a moderator or administrator. Anyone using the PM system for spamming or other junk messages will be banned.
  2. The Private Message system is intended for private follow-up correspondence as a result of forum threads. It is not intended as an alternative to using the forum itself. Excessive use of the Private Messages system while making few or no posts in the forums is not acceptable.
  3. The contents of Private Messages, while generally regarded as private, can be accessed and read by the forum administrators in exceptional circumstances.

F.  Prohibited Discussions, Sales and Wants

  1. Equipment or information that cannot be used legally in the UK must not be bought, sold or discussed in these forums. This includes pirated or cracked software. The moderators will delete any posts relating to equipment or information falling into this category.
  2. Small low powered AM and FM analogue audio broadcast transmitters for home use may be discussed in this forum so long as the e.i.r.p and antenna design are sufficiently low to limit reception to the same room. The moderators will use their discretion as to what is acceptable.
  3. General discussion of licensed broadcast equipment operated by professional broadcast organisations is allowed, but no discussion of pirate broadcasting is permitted.
  4. Discussion of motor vehicles is prohibited, but discussion of radio, audio and associated equipment and electric clocks fitted to vehicles is allowed. You may post image and details of vehicles in the service of radio manufacturers and dealers, TV detector vans, BBC, ITA and Post Office Telephones vehicles and the like, but technical details of the vehicles themselves must not be discussed.

G.  General

  1. Membership of the forum must not be exploited for commercial advantage.
  2. You should expect people to reply in the forum, and should check back to read any replies.
  3. Any messages that do not comply with these rules or which are deemed to be inappropriate by a moderator may be edited, moved or deleted at the moderators' sole discretion.
  4. Members may be banned for persistent inappropriate posting, spamming, abusive remarks towards the moderators or other members, or any other serious or ongoing action likely to disrupt the normal running of the forum or waste a disproportionate amount of moderator time.
  5. In all cases the decision of the moderators is final.
  6. Members who have not posted any messages for three months or longer may have their memberships deleted as part of the regular forum maintenance.
  7. Some forum sections contain "sticky" threads which contain advice and guidance applicable to that section only. Members are expected to follow such advice.
  8. The forum rules may be changed periodically. An announcement will be posted in the forum when this happens. By continuing to use the forum after such notice is posted, you are confirming that you agree to comply with the revised rules.
  9. The UK Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration Discussion Forum is a privately-owned and operated discussion forum under the sole authority of its Chief Administrator (Paul Stenning), and run with the aid of additional Administrators and Moderators. If you disagree with a moderator's conduct you should contact the Chief Administrator via private message or the "Contact Us" link. You must not criticise the moderators in the open forum.
  10. No user is guaranteed the right to be here as a participant. We reserve the right to terminate any user's membership for any reason at any time.

Forum Rules last updated: 24th October 2022

Privacy and Cookie Policy


To allow you to use this forum, we need to ask for, store and use some personal information. This Privacy Policy explains what information we need, why we need it, who we share it with and how long we keep it for. It also explains our use of Cookies.

Browsing, without signing up or not logged in

We do not store any information as you browse around the website if you have not signed up or are not logged in.

However please refer to the Third Parties section below for details on information that may be collected and stored by third parties.

Signed up member

We store all the information you entered on our website during the signing up process, along with your IP addresses. This information is stored for as long as you remain a member.

We store all your forum posts and other contributions. These are stored indefinitely.

We also store all your Private Messages until they are deleted by yourself and by the other parties you are communicating with.

We use cookies to remember who you are when you have logged in. If you tick the "Remember Me" box when logging in, these cookies are stored on your computer indefinitely. If you do not tick that box, the cookies will only remain on your computer until you close your web browser.

Email correspondence

If you email us about any aspect of your membership, we will retain this email correspondence for no more than 1 month from the conclusion of the discussion, then delete it. This is sufficient time for any issues to be resolved and for any follow-up discussions.

Information shared with third parties

We use Google reCaptcha to verify you are a human when you register for membership and when you use the contact Us form if you are not logged in. When you do this, Google may store your IP address, and may set or update a cookie on your computer. If you wish to block access to Google reCaptcha cookies in your web browser you will not be able to register for membership or contact us via the website form, however everything else will still work (you could use a private or incognito browsing window for this). Google's general privacy policy is available at

We use Google Custom Search to provide a powerful search facility for the forum. If you choose to use this, Google may store your IP address and what you searched for, and may set or update a cookie on your computer. This will be the same as if you were searching directly on their website. If you wish to block access to Google Search cookies in your web browser this will not affect your ability to use our website, however the Google Custom Search may not work. Google's general privacy policy is available at

Where we store your personal information

All the personal data we hold is stored in the United Kingdom. Our web server is in a secure data centre in Hemel Hempstead. Backups are stored on backup systems in a secure data centre in London Docklands.

Emails are stored at the location of the individual forum moderator or admin who dealt with the issue, all of whom are based in the United Kingdom.


We use cookies to remember who you are when you have logged in. If you tick the "Remember Me" box when logging in, these cookies are stored on your computer indefinitely. If you do not tick that box, the cookies will only remain on your computer until you close your web browser. If you block access to our cookies then you will not be able to log in, post or use any of the other member features.

We use Google reCaptcha and Google Custom Search as detailed above, and these systems use cookies. If you wish to block access to Google Search cookies in your web browser this will not affect your ability to use our website, however the Google Custom Search may not work correctly. If you wish to block access to Google reCaptcha cookies in your web browser you will not be able to register for membership or contact us via the website form, however everything else will still work.

Accessing, correcting, and deleting your personal information

You can access all the personal information we hold within the website by logging into the website and checking the various options in User CP, and by viewing your post history, Private Messages and other activity. You can also correct and update your details in User CP.

You can access any email correspondence with us by viewing the copies of the emails you have sent and received in your email system. If you are concerned about maintaining access to this, you should not delete the emails.

If any personal information that is incorrect and you are unable to update yourself, please contact us using the Contact Us facility (choosing the Privacy option), giving clear details of the changes required. We will carry out the requested changes within 30 days of your request. There will be no charge for this.

If you wish to have all your personal information deleted from our systems, please contact us using the Contact Us facility (choosing the Privacy option). We will carry out the requested deletions and confirm by email within 30 days of your request. There will be no charge for this.

We will normally only delete your account and private messages; we will not delete your forum posts as they are not regarded as personal information. Instead your posts will be shown as "guest". If there are specific posts that you feel do contain personal information and that you require to be deleted, please list the specific posts and reasons with your request. Requests to delete all posts will not be accepted.

If you wish to find out what personal information any of the third parties mentioned above hold about you, request corrections or deletion, please refer to their privacy policies and contact them as appropriate. We cannot act on your behalf as they will only accept your request directly from you.


If you have any questions or require any clarification or further details regarding our privacy policy or our handling of your personal information, please contact us using the Contact Us option. We will respond as soon as possible but please allow us up to 30 days.

Privacy and Cookie Policy last updated: 4th May 2024


Vintage electrical/electronic equipment may use or produce dangerous high voltages and may contain components running at hazardous temperatures. Great care must always be taken when working on such equipment, especially when it is powered and shortly after it has been powered. Messages in this forum may discuss carrying out tests on live equipment, but do not give specific safety warnings. The absence of such warnings does NOT imply that the action is safe. Warnings have simply been omitted to avoid repetition and to keep the meaning of the description concise. Live equipment is always dangerous. If you are in any way unsure about your ability to work with vintage electrical/electronic equipment safely, please refer the work to a qualified and experienced engineer.

The information in this forum is submitted by forum members. It has not been checked or verified by anyone, and may therefore be inaccurate. Visitors are advised to validate any information that they feel is important with reliable third-party sources, before relying on it. Neither the posters of the messages, owner of this forum (Paul Stenning), nor any Internet company involved with the hosting, storage or transmission of this website, can accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury or death caused to any person or property as a result of using the information given on this forum, website or related publications, no matter how the incident occurred. If you cannot accept this disclaimer, you may not use any such information and must leave this forum immediately.

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