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Vintage Radio (domestic) Domestic vintage radio (wireless) receivers only.

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Default BUSH MB60 and TR82 (etc) model variants.


How many styles and band options of TR82 were manufactured.
I have recently seen a reproduction TR82 in wood gain effect was this originaly manufactured?
If so they must be rare.

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Default Re: BUSH TR82

In no particular order:

MB60; (the valved predecessor of the TR82); red band, grey case, brass fittings.

TR82B; brown band, brownish-grey case, bronze fittings.
TR82C; blue band, bluish-grey case, chrome fittings.

(You can see why they're called B and C)

TR82D; tan with a grey case, chrome fittings. Sometimes called the TR82 Mk. II, it has AF11x transistors as opposed to the OC4x transistors of the earlier models. I seem to recall that later " D " models also appeared in blue/chrome.

TR82CL; model with 'Luxembourg' coverage, usually marked " 208 " on the knob. Colour as per the TR82C.

TR82DL; technically as above, colour as per 82D.

VTR103; the model with VHF/FM coverage. Tan with a grey case and chrome fittings. Again, later available in blue with chrome fittings.

As regards the export models which were usually MW + 2SW, the only one I can describe the colour scheme of with any certainty is the ETR92B, which is the same as a TR82B colour-wise but uses OC170-type transistors and has tropicalised transformers. There is an all-valve model (EBM60), and a rare hybrid (ETR82). This latter one uses a DK92 plus a small vibrator to generate HT, as the earlier transistors couldn't be relied upon to oscillate at 30MC/s.

The TR82/97 is in a non-original colour scheme, and the inclusion of VHF strictly speaking makes it a reproduction VTR103, not a TR82. The wood-grain one is someone's idea of a joke, I hope.

Yes, I'm afflicted with Bush....


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