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Websites Found an interesting website? Post the details here and share it with the rest of us. Please stick to websites that are in some way related to our hobby/interest.

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Default Re: Parts database program

One thing you need to keep in mind: you only need a "database" if you have a billion things to track. In the days of floppy dics you would need a clever database for quite small data sets. These days, machines are so fast and memory so large than unless you are trying to track vast numbers of items then you do not need the complexity and trouble that comes with a "database". A raw simple file is fine!

I use simple text files, but for added content you can maintain a file with pictures using a word processor. You can format it any way you like. Put keywords in upper case to search like that.

If you really then want to do fancy stunts you can probably output it in html and then apply an XSL transform to sort it, filter it etc. but I have never wanted to do such things.

The great problem with a spacial memory (yes, I do that too) is that you are lost if someone moves something. The killer is that I have reached an age where it is me that moves things - without thinking about it. But my items that I keep indexed live in numbered boxes so I know not to mess them up!
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Default Re: Parts database program

Originally Posted by JonSnell View Post
I see it is for windows only, no good for some of us that use Mac or Linux/Ubuntu.
I don't know about this but it's possible to run quite a lot of Windows stuff under Linux using Wine.

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