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Other Vintage Household Electrical or Electromechanical Items For discussions about other vintage (over 25 years old) electrical and electromechanical household items. See the sticky thread for details.

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Default Re: GU10 Halogen Removal & Replacement

I suppose this is literally consistent wth the thread title, as it relates to GU10 halogen removal and replacement! My cousin rents out his daughter's house, currently working abroad long-term. He has a British Gas gas and electrics maintenance contract (with which he is very pleased), and I happened to be round there when he was decorating it in readiness for a new tenant, when the BG guy came round to do his annual safety check and replace some failed GU10 downlighter lamps. He couldn't do the downstairs ones as the fittings were right next to the joists (fire risk), ditto the upstairs bedroom ones as they were completely surrounded by loft insulation: the originally white plastic choc block connectors had been well and truly cooked and were yellow and crumbling. As I happened to have a downlighter circular saw set, I moved the downstairs ones, but, given that fire rated fittings with hoods were around 20 each, with the BG guy's approval, I replaced the four upstairs downlighters by a single BC pendant costing all of 2.50. It was only a small bedroom.

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Default Re: GU10 Halogen Removal & Replacement

Hartley- look back at #18. Been ther ,done that and have a T shirt. Follow my guide and get a big screwdriver to remove the holder
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Lancs Lad
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Default Re: GU10 Halogen Removal & Replacement

Halogen GU10s aren't that good, anyway, are they?

I installed a four-light directional GU10 fitting in the kitchen area of my static caravan holiday home - in place of a fluorescent strip light.

It was not a success! The halogen bulbs were nice and bright, but they seemed to cast a very noticeable shadow around the centre of the light puddle, if you know what I mean!

I'm probably not describing it very well, but suffice it to say, I didn't like it.
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Default Re: GU10 Halogen Removal & Replacement

Around 6 or 7 years ago I had finally fitted fluorescent, energy saving bulbs throughout the house when my wife took my son out shopping for a new bedroom light fitting. I told her not to get a metal fitting (no earth on the lighting circuit) or anything that would not take BC bulbs. (Why DO we have a plethora of different bulb fittings? I blame IKEA for a lot!)
They returned later with a metal fitting, consisting of two curved rods with six 50W halogen bulbs, so I ended up fitting this, unearthed, on his bedroom ceiling and using more power than all of the lighting in the rest of the house!
Over the next few years I gradually replaced all of the halogens with LED GU10s starting with 1.2W, then 3W and finally 5W. We also had the house rewired in 2016 so the fitting is now earthed.
I have not been impressed by the longevity of the LED bulbs having had to replace quite a few due to electronic failure, The leds don't appear to have failed but the driver circuits have. Most of them seem to have gone with a strobing effect before dying completely! We have been all LED for a few years now, except for my 60W tungsten safety lamp!
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