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Vintage Radio (domestic) Domestic vintage radio (wireless) receivers only.

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Default Murphy A362.

Hi Does any one know how to remove the chassis from the outer case, as it looks like the tuning indicator would have to be detached first?

If so how to do that?

Thank you.
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Default Re: Murphy A362.

Welcome Tony!

You are right, the pointer has to be unclipped from the drive cord before the chassis can be withdrawn.

I used long nosed pliers to lift the cord from one of the outermost clip's of the pointer. After that the remaining two will be easy to unclip.

Have you got the service sheets available from "up top"?

If you need more help I'll put mine on the bench and take photos for you.

Hope this helps.
Regards, Ken.

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Default Re: Murphy A362.

It's a tricky set to work on, lots of hunts caps which need to be replaced - and most in inaccessible places. Sometimes you need to remove one or two caps to get to another

Use lots of diagrams or pictures to make sure you don't make mistakes. Remember it's a live chassis despite having a transformer and a 3 core mains. Good luck
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