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Default How do you remove CRT anode caps easily ?

Hello there,
Iwas wandering how to disconnect CRT anode caps easily? The one on the Bush telly seems to be difficult to move under resonable force.
I do not want to force it more than is needed in case the CRT implodes or the plug and socket is damaged. I would like to remove the CRT from the chassis of this Bush telly as it makes it much easier to get to components mounted on the rear side of the chassis without the CRT being in the way (and I can clean the dust off of it !)
Christopher Capener
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Default Re: How do you remove CRT anode caps easily ?

Depends on the type of tube fitted if its A sunken connector I would lift the rubber cap and carfully prize the connector out using A blunt screwdriver .
If its the raised type I would open the ring round the stud with A screwdriver as to loosen its hold on the cap!
But make shure you have discharged it first to the dag!
or you might get zapped.
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Default Re: How do you remove CRT anode caps easily ?

To be honest I would'nt go prodding about too much with a blunt screwdriver at first. It may be that it's become a bit corroded so I would carefully spray the connector with switch cleaner first but don't go mad with it!! Just enough to wet the connector and soften any corrosion that that might be making it tight...make sure it is all discharged first of course!! Leave it for a while and apply again if necessary. Once the connector has been removed make sure that it is clean and dry and apply a small amount of grease (we used to use Vaseline) but there are proper high voltage greases about. This will help prevent further corrosion and keep moisture out.

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