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Vintage Radio (domestic) Domestic vintage radio (wireless) receivers only.

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Default Blaupunkt Barcelona Radiogram (Blue Spot)

Hi All
Just wondering if anybody here still has interest in these. I acquired recently a unit and was told not working. Of course couldn't help my curiosity and had to fire it up. Low and behold it works but.... The unit must have housed a family of mice in it and as such I will need to rewire the apparent light wires going to the loudspeaker sections and some more. it also had two switches at the back, for loudspeakers (external)? Wire of the record player PE66 is chewed off, so need to rewire and see if there's life.
My main thing is;
Can the knobs on the front be removed? I don't want to force it and break them.
Is there any schematic or know how how to restring these things? It seems it has a separate one for the ferrite antenna and one for looking up the stations which is broken. I believe with some restring, rewire and glue and bulb replacement plus needle the unit might be a winner. Any help in regards to re stringing / button removal is appreciated.


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German Dalek
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Default Re: Blaupunkt Barcelona Radiogram (Blue Spot)

Hi to Down-Under!

It is great, that internet makes it easy to contact people around
the world in seconds.
I just remember the time that it was a nightmare to get schematics from the USA.

Blaupunkt made sets with these city-lines names every year.
For that reason I need the complete number.
I may have the manual with the stringing diagram.

There might be some difficulties depending on export models.
If this set was a private import by an australian or a german mover
it will fit 100% with my schematics.
If you have a special export version, saw this on a SABA console, you
will have the special australian radio bands on the scale.
In that case I don't have the correct allignment procedure.

The knobs on the radio have little screws! You will see them better,
if you remove the chassis.
But you can find them, too, if you press a little screwdriver against
the knob behind the touch field (@ rear knobs) and turn the knob around.
The screw driver will lock into the hole.

I may have the service manual for the record player, too.

Pictures are alway welcome.
B.t.w., I own about 8 vintage Aussi TV sets, AWA, Healing, Kriesler,
Electrosound-SABA/Sidney and others - mostly consoles 17" & 21".
It was always a (financial) nightmare to ship them to Germany,
by ship for more than a month or air which costs a used car.

The boss of a Düsseldorf airfreight company told me, that they had a
discussion with the customs office and with employees, why somebody (Crazy)
pays 1600 Euro to ship an old non-working b/w TV console inside a
wooden box from Melbourne to Düsseldorf.

I had the luck to buy a TV schematics bank of a passed TV shop in Australia,
no problems anymore, thanks to ebay.

Once I offered copies of my radio schematics to the HRSA for free,
but they don't wanted them.

Regards from a RIPTIDE fan,
German Dalek
And now something completly different:

MARC BOLAN, he was/is the real king of Pop Music!
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Default Re: Blaupunkt Barcelona Radiogram (Blue Spot)

Radios and radiograms for the Australian market are usually different from European models because the Aussies were very late adopters of FM broadcasting in 1976 (the UK started in 1955, and Germany even earlier). This Barcelona may be a private import brought by a migrant - you do find a range of odd models there.
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