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Default Droitwich, past and present
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Default Re: Droitwich, past and present

What an excellent short presentation. Very nostalgic, it reminds me of the time many years ago, when I was installing so CCTV equipment at Brookman's Park transmitter.
It was in the days when such cameras where tube-based, and so the front-end was wide open from DC to around 6MHz.

To effectively see which of the transmitters was causing the severe RF patterning on the TV monitor, I joked with the site engineer, and asked if he could kindly turn off the transmitters, one by one... ''If only, but not possible" he said.

After a short tea break, the sky over Brookman's Park turned black, & a torrential thunderstorm ensued.
Sheet lightning came to my rescue as one by one the transmitters automatically shut down! It was fairly terrifying, as I'd only just come down from the roof, where the camera was situated.
I quickly checked the TV monitor again, no RFI. The site engineer was just about to switch the TX's back on, when I persuaded him to do it slowly, one by one, which of course he did. I was thus able to fit various filters, & the outcome was a very clean display.

As a reward, I was given a guided tour around the establishment, which at the time, included the remains of the old 2LO transmitter.

That was a great experience, though long ago, It's a pity that the magnificent period architecture of the Wychbold site is unlikely to remain.


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Default Re: Droitwich, past and present

I have an old R1155 by my bed which often keeps me company for the world service on R4 if I can't sleep. It will be a sad day when Droitwitch closes.
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Smile Re: Droitwich, past and present

40 odd years ago we were driving home from Cornwall in our moth eaten Car which sported a cheap mail-order catalogue lw/mw radio installed by myself. It was tuned to some local station.
As we approached Droitwich, Terry Wogan's dulcet tones appeared and wiped out the entire medium wave from one end of the tuning scale to the other. Thus he remained until we were a couple of miles beyond the towers.
Happy days!
Cheers, Pete.
"Hello?, Yes, I'm on the train, I might lose the signal soon as we're just going into a tunn..."

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Default Re: Droitwich, past and present

Yes, Droitwich LW would often intrude on my drive-pasts along M5 when I was trying to listen to Atlantic 252.

Going past the old Rugby LW telegraphy station, car radio reception was also often interrupted by the obvious thumpings of CW traffic.

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Default Re: Droitwich, past and present

My Grandparents lived not far from Droitwich. As a youngster, it was a joy to take along one of my home built radios of doubtful design: Droitwich always came through loud and clear despite the difficulty I was having at home 100 miles away. On one occasion, I was having problems until Dad parked the car next to the transmitter. That solved my problem, though I suspect that in that location a rusty nail would have served as a radio.

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