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Default A short video about 405 line TV
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Default Re: A short video about 405 line TV

Really interesting, my career in a nutshell! Thanks for the link.

It all seems such a long while ago now, when we thought the CRT would be with us forever...

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Default Re: A short video about 405 line TV

Well worth a watch, thanks for the link.

Illegitimi non carborundum
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Default Re: A short video about 405 line TV

Mildly surprised when the narrator described the 405 line switch off as an 'untimely demise'. Surely a triumph of longevity.
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Default Re: A short video about 405 line TV

I thought that too Kev, given the fact it was kept on so long after they had decided to go 625.
All the best, John Joe
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Default Re: A short video about 405 line TV

It's a great pity that he chose to use the BBC's stupid and ignorant display of the supposed transmission systems of BTL and EMI in November 1936. The one on the left being 30 line instead of 240 line and the one on the right being something like a 100 line image instead of 405 lines.

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Default Re: A short video about 405 line TV

Yes, an unfortunate juxtaposition of the <<wrong>> representative images!

Also, the company name is wrong. Formally, it was Marconi-EMI Television Ltd., not 'EMI Marconi'.
Ignore the statement on the Science Museum website about largely being owned by RCA, it's bunk, although partially correct in that there was a large RCA share ownership of EMI, albeit not a controlling one. Marconi's was still fiercely independent!

Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd. not only had the wideband transmission and aerial technology, it had the legal rights to the RCA patents and tacit knowledge behind the EMI camera (including - controversially - interlace). EMI only had rights (via HMV) to television receiving patents. This area is very complex and little appreciated, so no wonder they don't explain! This all came about from the 1919 creation of RCA which essentially nationalised American Marconi with no agreement from the UK parent company. The 'deal' was rights to all RCA patents in perpetuity.

There's always things wrong with presentations like these, but it's quite watchable, even though there's a number of cringe moments!

Best regards,

Paul M

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