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Default Pioneer CLD-D515 Laserdisc Player Repair - No Power

Hi all,

I have a Pioneer CLD-D515 laserdisc player in for repair at the moment, and I could use some advice with it, please.

The unit doesn't seem to power on - the standby LED seems to light up, but the unit doesn't respond to the power button on the front panel or the IR remote.

I suspect that this is a PSU problem - please see images below.
Click image for larger version

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I've replaced the 1uF 400V electrolytic at C12 as this is apparently a common problem, and it was completely baked out, but even with a new part fitted the unit is still giving the same symptoms.
It does now give a high-pitched noise from the PSU when mains is applied, which may mean that something is being overloaded.

Does anyone have any advice as to fault-finding these types of PSU (which also seem to be used on the CLD-S310/15), please, such as common failures and how to test all of the output voltages?

The service manual is available here, including PSU schematics:

Many thanks,

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Default Re: Pioneer CLD-D515 Laserdisc Player Repair - No Power

Have you checked that R4, R5 and R6 have not gone high resistance, also the diode that feeds into this section?

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Default Re: Pioneer CLD-D515 Laserdisc Player Repair - No Power

ONLY If you feel safe to..

this is what I did on my Sony dead PSU for my MDP-850D

Place it solder side up, and plug it in for a few seconds - obviously beware of it being LIVE HIGH VOLTAGE!

CAREFULLY, check DC voltage on the large electrolytic - C11 - if high - at least 240v DC, then primary side of the PSU should be ok -but BEWARE - that cap is now DANGEROUS!

IF the cap has little voltage, (as it was on my PSU), I checked what was coming out and going into the Bridge Rectifier.
I only had 15v AC going in.
So I knew that the primary was at fault.
I could not find a schematic for my PSU, but I spotted that the voltage drop was after `something` - I cant remember what I did, but I changed that component, and the PSU is now working.
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