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Default Tektronix 466 Storage 'scope

I bought this as non-working quite some time ago. The original fault was that after being turned on and working for a few minutes, the display faded to nothing. I checked a few voltages around the power supply and found some to be wrong under the fault condition, but I couldn't work out why. In the process of probing around, I managed to create another fault when I managed to burn a copper track on the motherboard, which also carbonised some of the pcb material, so possibly creating leakage pathways. I had thought of cutting out most of the burned track and replacing it with insulated wire, but that would, at best, only get me back to the original fault. Is there anyone within reasonable distance of West London capable of fixing this at a reasonable cost?
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tony brady
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Default Re: Tektronix 466 Storage 'scope

Hi Colin

I can't help with the repair but the original problem may be the EHT multiplier module which is mounted to the 'top side' of the bottom board.

I have a 475 which I believe uses the same module which does not show a trace at all. I got around -400V on the -2400V test point with the other voltages all wrong - when disconnected it I got a low intensity short trace but with the voltages more or less correct.

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