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Old 10th Aug 2018, 2:10 pm   #1
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Default Dial to DECT convertor

Hi all

Does anyone make either on here or off the shelf a 'black box' for connecting a dial telephone to a DECT base station? Someone i work with told me a Rasberry Pi could emulate (??) a person pressing the buttons of a DECT phone to make this happen, so theoretically i could then plug an old dial phone (via its 'black box') into any mains socket anywhere and so long as its in range of its base station it could be used to make and receive calls. Does this sound a doable idea?


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Default Re: Dial to DECT convertor

You would think there would be a box that would connect a POTS phone to the air interface of an existing DECT base station, but I haven't seen one.

There is this though.

It is DECT, but I believe it only works with its dedicated master unit, and cannot be paired to a normal base station.

If your phone uses loop disconnect dialling, I doubt very much it will work with the above unit, however there are several options for converting "rotary" phones to DTMF
eg RotaTone or DialGizmo
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Default Re: Dial to DECT convertor

According to this manual, it may be paired a number of units:

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That unit only extends a normal PSTN line to a remote location with the two unit 'paired' - not part of a DECT system.

Somewhere I have the sort of unit that is being asked for. It was produced by BT for linking to their Diverse base stations about 15 years ago. You plugged a DTMF 2 wire basic telephone into it - or you could extend the wiring to a remote master socket. The unit had an 'extension' number as part of the DECT phone system. Can't recall seeing a similar unit since.

You'll find the manual here
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