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Default Wanted - Serial Terminal

A bit of a long shot, but does anyone have a serial terminal for sale at a reasonable price?

I am putting together a collection of replica vintage computers, and although I can obviously use a terminal program on my main PC, I would prefer to use a dedicated terminal if I can.

I would prefer an amber screen (I always found that better for my eyes back when I used these things regularly), but it isn't really important. The main thing is that as I am no longer allowed to drive I would need to have it sent by courier or possibly delivered either somewhere near me or to one of the Radiophile auctions where I could pick it up (my wife drives me to at least a couple of auctions per year).

(Did I say it also needs to be fairly cheap, as my budget for this sort of stuff is severely limited these days!)


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Default Re: Wanted - Serial Terminal

My first thought was "you couldn't give one of those away", but it seems that's out of date now!
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Default Re: Wanted - Serial Terminal

I have a DEC VT520 I can't give away.

It did work, some years back, but the keyboard is flaky but it is a standard MDIN PC type keyboard.

Note that it has severe screen burn, usable but it is there. They use the standard 12" wire frame monitors so easy to get another monitor or CRT, security monitors are the best source.

Yours FOC other than postage cost, guess 15-20? It might be easier to not send the keyboard since a cube shaped box is easier to find than a long thin one.

If you ever go to Needham Market then might be possible to collect, would have to ask.
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