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Old 8th Sep 2023, 11:18 pm   #21
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Default Re: Mistakes made when ordering components !!

I have to eat my words. I've just ordered a couple of what I assumed were RS232 transceiver chips to help fix a comms problem on a VFD remote display. The part number was MAX1232. They were expensive (with carriage). I naturally assumed it was a variant of the MAX232 transceiver.

I've just noticed it's actually the microprocessor watchdog ic, and the serial comms driver is some Infineon 16-pin device I've never heard of...and only 34p each.
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Default Re: Mistakes made when ordering components !!

Just to muddy the waters there is also a MAX3232 which -is- a variant of the classic MAX232 RS232-TTL level converter. Unlike the original chip which was only able to run on ~5V, the MAX3232 can run equally well from 3V.
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Default Re: Mistakes made when ordering components !!

Originally Posted by lesmw0sec View Post
My best was not electronically related, but doing some chemical work and wanted 500 m/l of H2SO4. I had ticked the box for 500 Litres - fortunately someone telephoned and asked if I was sure...
When I was Electronics Tech at the University of WA for a while, I was curious about how the social club had so much whisky.

It turns out that a year or so previously, there had been a lot of incidents where some "sharpies" had refilled genuine Scotch bottles with an inferior blend, & sold them to the suckers at a "discount" price.

The genuine importers were understandably incensed, but were told by the authorities, "Get the two brews analysed by a Chemist & then we can take action."

The UWA Chemists got the "gig".
They told the importer they would need some of the real thing as a sample to compare with the cruddy stuff.

"No problem" quoth the importers, & promptly sent a carton!
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Default Re: Mistakes made when ordering components !!

Originally Posted by 60 oldjohn View Post
Originally Posted by DrStrangelove View Post

They came in handy for the electronic caliper thingie which eats LR44 cells for breakfast.
Maybe try the Silver Oxide version, should last 30 - 100% longer. 1.5v vs 1.55v


PS, I have a TESA calipers, Carboot find not working for £2. Only needed a battery. This was 7 years since. I have only had to put another battery in. I would guess it averages 7 measurements a week.

Good idea, though I just take the cell out after I've used the caliper.
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Old 9th Sep 2023, 2:17 pm   #25
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Default Re: Mistakes made when ordering components !!

I was talking to the Charles Hyde rep and he mentioned they were clearing their universal TV stands at a bargain price. To be honest I was in the middle of a repair and probably wasn't paying full attention. I thought I had ordered 15. A few days later this big van turned up with my stands, apparently I had said I would "take the lot!" Anyway they filled a room upstairs at my shop which from then on was known as the stand room! I think it took around four years to use them up! More recently during the first lockdown I ordered my groceries on line for delivery. Instead of 6 Bananas that I thought I had ordered I got 6 bunches....
The rotation of the earth really makes my day...
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Default Re: Mistakes made when ordering components !!

Hi i wanted 100 by127's for a large hi volt psu (25 in each arm in a bridge all short apart from 1) any way i ordered what i thought was 100 i got 1 diode this was in pre internet days
any one remember the electronic viewdata used by Villow Vale Electronics early 80's Mick
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Default Re: Mistakes made when ordering components !!

Not quite the same, but as a trainee noise and vibration engineer I made a sketch of some plant and ductwork when on a site visit, which ended up in the report. Unfortunately the company I was working for got the job to build the silencers for this setup, and it turned out I had marked on radii...and labelled them as diameters.

I wasn't there when the lorry turned up and they offered up a pile of rather small silencers to a bunch of rather large ductwork!
"The best dBs, come in 3s" - Woody Brown
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Default Re: Mistakes made when ordering components !!

. . .I once needed five ICs for a printed circuit board at work and misquoted the RS stock number and got 5 tubes of 25 chips. . .!

. . .Fortunately other engineers gradually managed to use up some of the surplus in jobs, but I still think 100 brand–new chips ended up going in the W.E.E.E. bin. . .!

Chris Williams
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