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Default Re: Vintage Philips model numbers

Thanks for information, I knew there was some rationality to it all.
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Default Re: Vintage Philips model numbers

Some rationality, but can't have too much of that though Most companies wouldn't go through that length to make up some numbers (though current multinationals such as Samsung and Acer+spinoffs certainly do so as well), but given the size and structure of Philips large part of the last century I think they needed such a system to make sense of their own business (since most 12NCs started with the main industry group or product category and coding centre, even when a number was unknown by the person handling it, it was immediately known where the number was issued so how to route inquiries and requests).

I wrote before that only coding centre 70 remained active for consumer electronics, but I think some accessories might still have (or had up until recently) coding centre numbers like 73 or 82. Products issued by a different commercial department probably, even if all departments are likely in the same building. Also, I'm not sure about China.

This just to make sure that I don't give erroneous information, it has no bearing on the type numbers themselves.

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Default Re: Vintage Philips model numbers

Many thanks to all those members who have submitted replies. These have been most interesting as well as instructive.
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