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Television Standards Converters, Modulators etc Standards converters, modulators anything else for providing signals to vintage televisions.

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Default Operation of Aurora standards converter

I have they very very last Aurora manufactured and sold. It works fine.
I've been using it only for signals to my Marconi 702. That works great:
one can actually just sit back and watch television on that.

I also bought it to, when one day I get myself another birthday present
(my birthday is today): some sort of mechanical TV, I can put
over the air or DVD TV on it.

I do hope to some day find the real thing, but, in the interim, I bought
one of those toy Mindsets Televisors. It came day before yesterday.
It works fine on its test card .. and abysmally on the supplied CD.
The set at the ETF, which I've seen in operation, shows only the tilting head shown on the ETF site ... which would work OK on the toy.

So I hooked it up to my Aurora and managed to change system to the correct one, and, for talking heads, and long as no scene changes,
it syncs sort of OK. But otherwise, what a joke.

So I'm going to build a system to just feed proper sync (put out by the Aurora) to it and use the Aurora RGB outputs to run it in COLOR.

BUT ... enough for that.

The topic here is a plea for HELP from someone who has one.

I have the manual. But the manual is WRONG on how the controls
operate. Its infuriating. It describes the settings fine, and once I find a setting,
I can, sometimes with difficulty, change it.

But its description of HOW one navigates menus is simply WRONG.

Does somebody who has one and has mastered it have a description of how
menu navitagion ACTUALLY works? What knob to push and turn to get to a setting.


Doug McDonald
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Default Operation of Aurora standards converter

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