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Default A guide to servicing the Garrard SP25 MKIII

NOTE: It may not be clear what the problem under discussion is, because the opening post in this thread was reposted here, out of its original context in another thread. Under discussion was a Garrard SP25 Mk III automatic turntable that would not autostart. When a normally functioning SP25 Mk III (or any of the SP25 Mk III through VI, 125SB, 35SB and the Belt Drive models with automatic single play) is switched to AUTO, the unit is supposed to start running; the arm lifts and automatically begins play. The SP25 Mk III under discussion didn't do that; the arm would always return to its rest and the turntable would shut off. This guide describes the most common malfunction that causes this problem. Like most other problems with these otherwise reliable and very popular Garrards, it is caused by the old lube grease drying out over many years. Refer to the attached photo of the bottom of an SP25 Mk III.

The mechanism is designed to operate as follows:

When you push the operating lever to AUTO, Pin A, which is attached to it, moves to the RIGHT. Pin A in the cutout in lever B has been holding lever B from moving, but when Pin A reaches the broader cutout area, lever B is allowed to move anticlockwise around its pivot E, under tension from spring F. The opposite end of lever B swings to the right and pushes lever C, the shutoff/record size lever, whose opposite end D then moves to its RUN position.

If lever B does not pivot anticlockwise because its pivot E is sticking or spring F is missing or damaged, the shutoff/record size lever C-D will remain in its SHUTOFF position. The turntable will always shut off and the arm will not set down. A sticking pivot E is the most frequent cause of the problem reported.

I would first remove the circlip securing lever B at its pivot E, and service that pivot with some solvent and oil so that it moves freely and its spring F can move it. You may be able to do this without completely removing lever B. If you do remove lever B, be careful as you do not want to stretch the spring F. If this does not solve the problem, check the shutoff/record size lever C-D and see that it moves freely but under spring tension. If not, service its pivot, which is much more difficult to reach.

This repair guide applies to the SP25 Mk III through VI, the 125SB, 35SB and the Belt Drive models with automatic single play. It does not apply to the related record changer models SL65B, SL55B, 40B and the SP20B, nor to the SP25 and SP25 Mk II, which do not have automatic single play.
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Default Re: A guide to servicing the Garrard SP25 MKIII

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