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hammarlund 7
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Default Racal RA1772.

help and advice needed ,I,ve had a problem with my rx losing digits on display,after playing for a while it sorts itself out,now I find it wont tune in fast mode,slow will and in reverse it tunes at (almost )normal speed,my shack is outside in a wooden insulated building,which has a low wattage heater left on and a dehumidifier,could it be because it,s too cold?this rx was probably switched on 24/7 in it,s working life,any comments would be appreciated,Regards Merv G6NJJ
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Radio Wrangler
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Default Re: racal ra 1772

Are the OBIC displays fitted into sockets? Contacts can be iffy.

THe bias on opto-isolator type RPG detectors can need adjustment to get them going reliably.

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Default Re: Racal RA1772.


My 1772 would start up intermittently. I can't remember the precise details but I did a search on this forum and others and read that the griplets joining top and bottom of the psu PCB, after time, could fail to conduct. A good dose of solder applied with my Weller seems to have done the trick. It's a fairly simple thing to try - the psu does get quite hot I recall, and you never know, it may be the cause of your problems indirectly.
The thread here discusses:

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Craig Sawyers
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Default Re: Racal RA1772.

There is a Yahoo group called RacalRA17forum. Although says RA17 it covers things like the RA1772 too. The RA guru Rob Filby is on the group.

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