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Default Radio & TV books Volume No's confusion

I have seen many posts where there seems to be confusion over the Volume Numbers of this series of books.
I have both series and can enlighten those who may be confused.

The first series is labeled Vol 1 - 5 and by Malloy/Poole. These cover older sets up 1954. You need the complete set as Vol 1 covers Radio makers from A to L. Vol 2 is Radio M to V. Vol 3 is TV A to L. Vol 4 is TV M to Z. Vol 5 is Radio & TV mixed for 1953/54 models. I guess it was published 1954/55 as it includes up to 54 models. It appears to have only been sold as a set.
Vol 1 also includes a section on theory and servicing and is useful to the beginner.

Series 2 is by J. P. Hawker and numbered Vol 1 to 6. These are yearly coverage, Vol 1 covers 1956/57 models and so on to Vol 6 which is 1961/62 models. I bought this Series as a set, at a 'special price' but I think they were available as single issues and possibly dated by the year.
As far as I know they were then published as yearly 1962/63 models etc.

If quoting from one of the Volume Numbers it is essential to say which - Malloy or Hawker to avoid any confusion.
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Station X
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Default Re: Radio & TV books Volume No's confusion

Thread reopened at member's request.
Graham. Forum Moderator

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Default Re: Radio & TV books Volume No's confusion

I asked for this thread to be reopened because I know of least one other set of numbered volumes, by JP Hawker I have No 1 and 2.
In appearance they are identical to series 2 identified above but Vol 1 is pre '55 and Vol 2 is 55/56 as opposed to 57/58 in series 2 above.
When I requested the thread be re-opened, Graham, the moderator, pointed me to this thread:

This identifies even more "volume" sets, I don't know how I missed that thread.

Various members have suggested making a spreadsheet to colate all the information. Has anyone ever actually done so?


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Default Re: Radio & TV books Volume No's confusion

This thread gives a lot of information and a link to a spreadsheet.

I won't tell you how I discovered that.
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