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Repair and Restoration Services Wanted If you need someone to repair or restore equipment for you please post your request here.

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Default Yaesu FT101E

Having just returned to ham radio during the lockdowns after an obscenely long absence, I purchased a new 2m rig. I then decided to retrieve my FT101E transceiver from the attic where it had languished for fully 27 years. After acclimatising it to a lovely warm room for around a week, I checked the inside and it seemed fine, It had been kept safely wrapped and in in a dust free and damp free environment.

I powered up (without heaters), but an electrolytic capacitor failed loudly with white smoke after 3 minutes. This was not totally unexpected as these capacitors are subject to age deterioration. This capacitor was on the Reg/Calibrate PCB. I replaced the offending capacitor and all the other electrolytic capacitors on that board. I was then able to receive ok.

I had purchased a dummy load and new digital SWR meter and got set up for testing the rig on transmit, first cleaning up all the VRs with Deoxit as I anticipated some calibration. I was able to set the bias with the two variable resistors. However, I could go no further as the plate and loading had no affect. I suspected further component failure but realised that I could be continually changing components without any guarantee of success.

I feel that it is now time to call in the cavalry as I rather out of my depth now and no longer have any test equipment beyond a Fluke multi-meter. I went online found an organisation in Glasgow called Radioarena but they proved totally incommunicado on more than one number so might no longer be trading?

I would therefore be grateful to know of a reputable repairer, preferably in central Scotland if there is one but reputable being the main requirement.

Kindest regards,

David Gardner

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