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Homebrew Equipment A place to show, design and discuss the weird and wonderful electronic creations from the hands of individual members.

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Doris The Diode
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Default Re: The "Sussex" Homebrew Valve Tester.

Originally Posted by Ramonthebiker View Post
Originally Posted by Doris The Diode View Post
I have just completed the Sussex valve tester and because it is a cut down version on the original Sussex I've called it 'The Sussex Junior' - I hope I'm not busting any rules on the forum and it's OK to call this one 'Junior' and to post it here as part of the Sussex legacy.
Hi Berni - I am very interested in your 'Junior' - I started out on this project some years ago and now with the COVID19 lockdown it seems as good a time as any to get back into it! Have you a slimmed down circuit diagram you could share? best regards and stay safe, Ramon
Hi Ramon,

Sorry for the delay, I occasionally pop in here to have a look.

Regarding the circuit, I can dig up the diagram and post it here, not sure if I will be going off topic. If I am then we can get in touch via PM or email.

Basically I bought the transformer off Ed who is on this forum and in this thread, he makes the transformer for the Sussex and I highly recommend buying this from him as I searched hi ans low to find something similar and could not. You can use other transformers but you will end up perhaps with a few to do the whole job, good if you have space, I didn't.

Circuit - The Junior has the transformer and both circuits for HT and Screen, the grid circuit but no oscillator. I do not have any relays and use a switch in the HT to turn on and off the HT. I also do not use all the heater voltage outputs as I did not have space to put extra banana plugs but you might be able to. I use only 6.3v and 5v as these are the main valve heater supplies I use, so it is specific to my requirements but you could drill a few more holes and have the lot.

I'll try and draw something up and post it.

All the best,
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