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Vintage Audio (record players, hi-fi etc) Amplifiers, speakers, gramophones and other audio equipment.

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Default Re: A couple of 16 RPM questions

There were a few "quality" decks that included it. The Goldring GL75 etc. springs to mind as another example.

But as Barretter says, this was just for reasons of completeness, rather than because the 16rpm discs were anything special in terms of fidelity. I suppose it's like the way a few first-rate reel-to-reel decks had a 1 7/8" IPS speed setting, and the way modernish HiFi tuners usually have MW, even though the sound they produce with AM broadcasts is usually horrid.

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Default Re: A couple of 16 RPM questions

Yes, I guess completeness was more what they were thinking about, although interesting they wouldn't have also included 78 as well if speed versatility was something they were focusing on.

The GL75 looks to be a single player. Ok so what would have been the 2 or 3 best quality autochangers ever produced to retain the 16 rpm setting (or even better still, have all the 4 speeds)?

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Default Re: A couple of 16 RPM questions

Two off topic posts discussing tape recorders deleted.
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Default Re: A couple of 16 RPM questions

It was my understanding that the original intention was to use 16.67 rpm records as talking books for the blind; and as far as changer manufacturers were concerned, omitting that speed was tantamount to disability discrimination (or, more cynically, would deprive them of the chance to earn money on record players subsidised by government or charities).

Of course, as events played out, tape -- first in the form of the excellent Clarke and Smith machines, then as the Philips Compact Cassette -- ended up becoming the medium of choice for talking books; but this could hardly have been predicted at the time.
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