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Websites Found an interesting website? Post the details here and share it with the rest of us. Please stick to websites that are in some way related to our hobby/interest.

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Default Re:, many British and International electronics publications

I tried ARH recently to save going into the loft for an old Wireless World.

There was an article I remembered describing a solid state electronic multimeter with similar characteristics to a Heathkit V-7AU, ie 11M input impedance DC, & P-P response AC.

I found the article in the index for the Feb '69 issue, pages 67 - 70, but the relevant pages were missing. In fact editorial pages 67 to 78 are missing. (The situation is confused by WW practice of numbering advertising pages independently from editorial pages, so there are pages 69 & 70 for example, but they are advertising pages).

If my ARH search was successful, I planned to get rid of my paper WWs and other magazines, but now I'm not so sure. Is this a rare occurrence or have others found missing pages?

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Default Re:, many British and International electronics publications

Common to find missing pages or pages out of order.

However, in a lot of cases, once it has been reported to the site, they will sooner or later get fixed.

What I do is download what I am interested in and then check each individual pdf. Once satisfied all is OK, then I ditch the paper copies.

I should add, you could offer your paper copies for them to scan and fix up faulty ones.
Terry VK5TM
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Default Re:, many British and International electronics publications


I'm fairly sure they've got Wireless World in Birmingham Library so when it opens again after lockdown, etc., I'll get those missing pages from the Feb. 1969 issue!

Chris Williams
It's an enigma, that's what it is! This thing's not fixed because it doesn't want to be fixed!
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Default Re:, many British and International electronics publications

Good day to all,

Another find exploring the American Radio History web site :

FBIS - the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, data compiled by the CIA covering every broadcast service all over the world from 1953 to 1974, 50 pdf volumes in all !
Listing by country, station name, then by frequency, lowest to highest.
Full tech data : location, frequency, TV channel, system, A & V power
Separate books year by year for :
- AM & shortwave
- FM & TV

Interesting to discover :
- clandestine station listings
- how many American Forces (AFRTS) radio stations there were in France (1959 book).

Best Regards
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