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Member Introductions and News A place where members can introduce themselves and post occasional news about themselves.

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Post Intro - from Denmark

I thought I'd best introduce myself.

I live in Denmark, and am originally from England - left in 2002. Am married, two kids, no dogs or cats etc.

Whilst I started as a Civil Aviation Authority Engineer Cadet training at Bletchley Park in radio theory, radar, navigational aids etc to become a tech for the CAA back in 1982, I discovered during training that I liked computing, and that I was not at all keen on the high voltages commonly present in the radio/radar/navigational aids tackle we used back then.

So when I was posted to London Air Traffic Control Centre at West Drayton, London assigned to fix CCTVs etc, I wasted no time and spent 3 months pestering the on site software development department (aka. the Software Cell) to see if the really really needed a fresh faced junior programmer to train up. They finally relented under the relentless bombardment and from then on my electronics career effectively ended and I went on to develop software right up until the present.

However I never completely lost the taste for things electronic, so a couple of years ago I found a SP "Sailor" 46TD for sale in a lonely farmhouse in a remote part of Jutland owned by two lovely old people who sold me the non-working Danish made receiver.

A link to the trials and tribulations in pictorial form can be found here->

can be found below;

I found the excellent site and obtained comprehensive manuals etc. and began looking into what was ailing the lovely old marine receiver. I could see that the internal batteries had leaked at some point in the past and poured their contents over the first stage RF and mixer board. It was a mess - and after closer inspection it was missing the first RF transistor completely! Much to my surprise I found the missing transistor loose in the bottom of the casing!

I cleaned the RF/mixer tagboard as much as I could and checked the transistor on my checker and it appeared to be OK. So I soldered the transistor back on and set up a makeshift antenna. There was a very weak signal on MW - unintelligible. I guessed that the usual was at fault - caps drying out/paper going acidic. So I started going through the circuit listing caps I'd need to replace - turns out they were polycaps and not really prone to heavy degradation over time apparently, and it was then I noticed most of the electrolytics had been replaced.

I had brought a cheapo sweep generator, and was trying to obtain a cheapo oscilloscope so I could perform what I thought was the necessary re-alignment of the IFs. I then discovered that along with the electrolytics there had been an attempt to clean the first stage/mixer board before, which would explain the loose transistor- perhaps the attempt had failed before and been abandoned with the idea that the transistor was jiggered - and the would be repairer had left the transistor in the case for the next attempt.

Anyway while I was going through the caps, I noticed that a diode on the RF/mixer board was connected not according to either the wiring diagram or the physical positioning drawing - when I drew how it was right now I could see that it had crippled the first stage RF transistor. I soldered it as it should be and connected everything up and it came alive!.

So now I have a working SP "Sailor" 46TD - all I lack is a proper antenna, hopefully an original SP external speaker (3-5 ohm - anybody got one they want to sell?) and a battery pack or proper power supply instead of the gash lash up I was using.

Hope that wasn't TLDR?


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Default Re: Intro - from Denmark

Welcome to the Forum Dave. As you may have guessed, I am one of your old workmates from LATCC. There is a wealth of experience across a very wide range of subjects on this Forum. Now get that Sailor set fully restored!
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Old 26th Jan 2018, 6:26 pm   #3
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Default Re: Intro - from Denmark

Great to hear from you Biggles! I managed to get it working - now it just needs polishing and I need to make a more permanent antenna - perhaps I'll move the radio out to my bike shed (insulated - so it should survive OK in there) - then I can listen to SW while I tear my hair out fixing the bike!
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Default Re: Intro - from Denmark

Welcome! and Thank You for putting your profile up. Too many do not.

G8JET BVWS Member and V.M.A.R.S
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