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Default Re: Gec bt1091.

Originally Posted by space_charged View Post
Don't think the concentration of helium in the atmosphere would make that a significant factor. Any such would have to have been produced by radioactive decay. Any produced would head up fast in any case. Different story if the CRT was put in a closed vessel with helium gas in it.
Yes, there's no helium in the atmosphere. Any that gets loose rapidly disappears off into outer space. It may seem strange but any helium we have is dug out of the ground where it got trapped after being produced by radioactive decay. A helium atom is basically an alpha particle. Pure hydrogen will also disappear off into space. However hydrogen reacts with other elements and forms things like water whereas helium is a noble gas and doesn't form compounds.

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Default Re: Gec bt1091.

I've refitted the cabinet and the set will be taken off the bench later today.
The picture is a lot better now. The focus control is a 500 ohm variable resistor wired across the focus coil. To improve focus a 680 ohm resistor has been added in series with the control, later on a 1Kohm pot will replace the focus control presently fitted.
The line linearity needs attending to but the original width and linearity controls had long ago gone faulty and replaced with fixed resistors.
The truth is this is a horrible example of what is not one of the nicest sets made by GEC Radio and Television Ltd.
And you think this set is not very nice, upstairs there is a GEC BT7092 9" console TV set which was made two years before the BT1091.
BT7092 has mains EHT!

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mark pirate
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Default Re: Gec bt1091.

The truth is this is a horrible example of what is not one of the nicest sets made by GEC Radio and Television Ltd.
I think is quite attractive in a way, I certainly would find the room if one were to come my way.
I missed out on getting the wooden 'bookshelf' version a while back, now that was quite an ugly set!

I am looking forward to getting started on some of my sets once I have regained use of my right hand again.

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