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Vintage Radio (domestic) Domestic vintage radio (wireless) receivers only.

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Old 10th Oct 2016, 1:15 pm   #121
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Default Re: Hi From Cathy Lissen/Eveready Kenilworth??

I'm not sure that 1930's radios weren't very loud - my Invicta AW57 positively booms out very crisp, clear sound from its 10" speaker. Way louder than any of my 1950s sets go.

For an aerial I've generally found that 5m or so of wire draped round the picture rail or along a plastic gutter outside works well enough for UK MW stations.
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Old 10th Oct 2016, 2:42 pm   #122
David G4EBT
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Default Re: Hi From Cathy Lissen/Eveready Kenilworth??

Hi Ash,

Nice meeting you and Cathy at Hornsea Rally yesterday.

Great news that the set is working now!

If the voltages (screens, anodes etc), look OK on the set, I guess the two most likely things causing lower volume than you would expect would be the lack of an aerial and/or low emission from the output valve. If you wanted to bring the radio to my place, I have an amplified magnetic loop aerial (as featured in the Autumn BVWS Bulletin) which performs really well in terms of both signal strength and low noise, and also have a 60ft wire aerial at low level for comparison, so you could see how your set (or should I say 'Cathy's set'!), performs on each of those. I can also test the valves here for you if you wish.

Drop me a PM if that's helpful. (I won't be around from 13 - 20 October).

The magnetic loop aerial is well within your capabilities to build, at a fraction of the cost of a commercial one, and is compact. My loop consists of a 2 M x 2 M square of 15mm copper tube with the amplifier fixed at the feed point at the top, with the loop mounted on stand-off plastic pipe brackets on the outside of the gable end of the workshop. The DC to power the amplifier being fed via the coax, rather like a TV masthead amplifier. It works a treat. (I didn't make it - it was a prototype supplied to me by Gary Tempest, the designer and developer).
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Old 10th Oct 2016, 5:05 pm   #123
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Default Re: Hi From Cathy Lissen/Eveready Kenilworth??

You can also build your own external ferrite rod aerial from junk box components, either amplified or passive. This ancient thread describes one I built over 10 years ago:
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Old 11th Oct 2016, 1:57 pm   #124
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Default Re: Hi From Cathy Lissen/Eveready Kenilworth??

Sounds good Paul ...definitely on my to-do project list.
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