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Default Search problems (No of characters?)

I am having a problem with the search function of the forum.
I wanted to find out how much AVO 8s are offered for on the forum so went advanced search for AVO 8 in items offered but got no results

I did a bit of experimenting and found that 3 letter words such as AVO or VCM return no results.
AVO 8 (with a space) also returns no results however AVO8 does

Is the search limited to words of 4 letters or above?

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Station X
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Default Re: Search problems (No of characters?)

The forum search facility requires a minimum of four characters in a word so "Pye" and "AVO" won't work.

The answer is to use the Google Custom Search box at the top centre of every forum page.

The first few results returned will be adverts, but after that you'll see forum specific stuff.
Graham. Forum Moderator

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Paul Stenning
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Default Re: Search problems (No of characters?)

The forum search has always been limited to 4 characters, due to the database structure etc of the old forum software we use. As Graham says, the Google Custom Search gives better results in cases like this (which is why it was added some time ago).

Paul Stenning
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