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Default Film Free Waterslide Paper

I've just had an email fro 'Mr Decal Paper' advising of a new product that may be of interest.

The process is simple. ONLY works with Laser Printers.

Step 1 - Print your text or images in reverse mode onto our new special film free decal paper.

Step 2 - Cut them out

Step 3 - Dip in water

Step 4 - Take out and slide your decal on, picture side against the surface.

Step 5 - Smooth away any water from under the decal with a cotton wool ball and allow to dry hard.

Step 6 - Place into a home oven at 110c for 15 mins.

Step 7 - Remove and allow to cool, over night is best.

Final Step - Catch the edge of the decal films special top surface and gently peel away to reveal your decal embedded into its surface with no film.

No link with the company - just a happy customer having bought previous products.
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David G4EBT
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Default Re: Film Free Waterslide Paper

A bit more info here:

Fine for applying decals to such things as ceramic plates and mugs, which most ‘crafters’ seem to use decal paper for, but for our purposes, it seems to have a number of limitations, perhaps the most obvious one is the need to place the object to which the decal is applied in a domestic oven at 110C for 15 mins. Hence, of no use for say set top logos on radio cabinets be they ‘woodies’ or plastic.

Aeromodellers, railway modellers and model boat builders also make extensive use of water slide decals and they wouldn’t meet their needs either. I assume that their main application is perhaps intended to be as more durable, heat and water resistant (maybe even dishwasher proof?) on mugs and plates as compared to normal waterslide decals, which are fine for decorative ceramic items such as plates and vases, but less so for items which are used often and need to be washed.

What we most need is clear waterslide decal paper which will have the desired depth of colour and opacity to come close to original screen printed glass dials. I’ve made most use of white decal paper on solid dials, which don’t need and. Clear aerials, and for set-top logos. Clear paper prints quite. Well when applied to solid objects such as tubular can electrolytic caps.
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