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Where To Get Sets and Parts For discussions about swapmeets, rallies, NVCF and BVWS, car boot sales, antique and charity shops, dealers, newspaper adverts, the local tip and just about any other source of equipment (other than eBay).

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David G4EBT
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Default 100 Watt Electric Soldering Iron recommendation.

I have several soldering irons I use depending on what I'm doing, and ordinarily I find a 50 Watt is quite adequate for my needs. However, occasionally I need something more powerful. I do have one of those 100 Watt trigger operated solder 'guns' which is a bit ungainly to use and are only meant to be used for intermittent use a few seconds at a time as basically, they more or less put close to a dead short across the low voltage output of the inbuilt transformer.

I had a few tasks recently for which I needed a more powerful iron so I scouted around on internet for a 100 Watt one. The one that popped up on several sites was the Silverline 868784 100 Watt Iron. (500 - 550 degrees C). It's available from several sellers both on and off ebay. I bought mine from an Amazon Marketplace seller for just £11.05 post free:

Despite its low price, it comes with a maker's 3-year warranty.

A set of four additional tips is available, which I also purchased for £5.84:

Although I didn't need a soldering iron stand, the one at the link below, (which many forum members will be familiar with), is available at £6.34. I already have several of those, but if anyone needs to buys one for the 100 Watt iron, the heat-resistant black plastic (Bakelite?) insert would need to be removed so that the iron will fit into the coiled steel spring:

I've used the iron on several occasions, having fitted a pointed tip rather then the bent chisel ended tip that it comes with, and it's proved to be well up to the task. The lead appears to be heatproof silicone rubber insulated, but I haven't put it to the test, either accidentally or on purpose!. I've attached a pic.

To summarise, yes, it's cheap, but it's not 'cheap tat'.

Hope that might be of interest.
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Default Re: 100 Watt Electric Soldering Iron recommendation.

It certainly is of interest , Thanks for that David. Mick.
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Default Re: 100 Watt Electric Soldering Iron recommendation.

Hello David,

I have something almost identical albeit badged as Antex.

It works well though only gets occasional use.

The tip glows dull cherry red if you leave it on for more than about 5 minutes, but Antex told me that was normal.

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Default Re: 100 Watt Electric Soldering Iron recommendation.

I bought a cheap market stall one for a couple of quid. Obviously it's no great shakes quality wise, but it does the job on the rare occasions that I need a really hot iron for things like chassis soldering. I fitted a switchable 1N4007 in the mains lead to add a lower power 'standby' mode.
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Radio Wrangler
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Default Re: 100 Watt Electric Soldering Iron recommendation.

I have a pair of Weller irons. 100W and 200W. They look like TCP1s with an overgrown heater and tip. They have the Weller thermostat but run direct from 240V. I saved them from getting dumped in a grand clear-out.

They're worth grabbing if any show up.

A RIFA capacitor did the usual trick in one of them and lit up brightly enough for light to escape through the red handle!

The 200W one is powerful enough for plumbing work, by the way.

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astral highway
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Default Re: 100 Watt Electric Soldering Iron recommendation.

Hi David G4,

Great survey, thanks. I was in the market for a 100W job and Iíve ordered the last one in your list...

Perfect timing!
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