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SWB 18
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Default A Slow Moving Spare from CES for the Pye 697 chassis?

I wonder how many of the part shown below CES sold for the 697 chassis?

How proud would the Dynatron owner have to be to pay to have one fitted, or how desperate the engineer having had a disaster with a broken edge connector on the Pye CT205 setting to doing the swap.

I think CES used to sell a populated panel (possibly less LOPT) to install in your own LTB chassis, too. I wonder what the difference in price would have been between populated and bare PCB?

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Default Re: A Slow Moving Spare from CES for the Pye 697 chassis?


It's amazing that the blank PCB was made available as a separate item. Imagine the amount of labour involved in building the LTB/PSU from scratch including transferring over all the components from the damaged PCB. Us vintage people would love the challenge but surely, it wouldn't be viable in the trade, cheaper to supply a replacement LTB unit complete.
On the same lines, I bet they offered a blank CDA PCB to replace the toasted one but with the proviso that stand off valve holders only must be fitted.

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Default Re: A Slow Moving Spare from CES for the Pye 697 chassis?

Transferring old components would perhaps not have been a good idea, they would have had a lot of use and be past there best. A populated panel would be a better solution but at the age of the sets when these panels would have been in very poor condition the set would perhaps have been better scrapped.

I was always able to repair the panels I had to fix but they would have been no older than 7-8 yers old.
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Old 8th Sep 2018, 10:44 am   #4
Welsh Anorak
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Default Re: A Slow Moving Spare from CES for the Pye 697 chassis?

I want one of those!!!
The Dynatron I'm doing has had some water damage to the LTB panel and won't oscillate, despite the usual changes. I'm waiting for an oscillator coil from a kind forum member to see if that does the trick.
I remember Manor Supplies used to sell brand new semi-populated panels that were handy for spares, though by that time the sets were past their useful life.
We used to buy Pye 205s from disposal houses with a sort of 'buy one get one free' deal. The free one was usually a much nicer 691/693 chassis in a dated cabinet but it did give us a better CDA panel, a real timebase tower and sometimes even a decent CRT! All we needed then was a large pot of Evo-Stik to re-attach the plastic bits.
PS - anyone got a salvageable timebase they don't want?
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Default Re: A Slow Moving Spare from CES for the Pye 697 chassis?

The company I started with (Rex Knight) had them made locally , along with blank CDA panels , I spent many a happy hour transferring all the components along with new stand off valve holders and new 12k resistors. I did loads of CDA panels.
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