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Homebrew Equipment A place to show, design and discuss the weird and wonderful electronic creations from the hands of individual members.

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Default Re: More Chinese AM radio kits

What do you expect when you go borrowing words from other languages willy-nilly? Just as English has different names for an animal when it's alive in a field and dead on your plate, so it has picked up different words for "bonding metals using a molten metal filler" depending on the particular subdomain of engineering. "Welding" and "Soldering" are the same word in many languages.
If I have seen further than others, it is because I was standing on a pile of failed experiments.
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Default Re: More Chinese AM radio kits

Useful, but only if you already know what a superhet is and how it does it!
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Default Re: More Chinese AM radio kits

Thanks, Avid Nerdlinger for your handy tip. As it happens, The P.C.B. is marked with the component values, and the Chinglish assembly instructions given in the original ad on Ebay (but, sadly, not with the kit) give the colour/function of the I.F.T.s and transistors, so I should be well away with those clues.

Herald 1360, what you say is very true. I think, given the available instructions, a beginner would be very lucky to successfully build this kit without some help from a knowlegeable person.
Fortunately, this project is only being done out of of academic curiosity. Tony.
The job "couldn't be done".
He didn't know that,
So he did it.
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Default Re: More Chinese AM radio kits

I’m not exactly a beginner (just built a working superhet from scratch and a K2) and I’ve built two of these Chinese radios and neither of them worked properly so you’re right

I was hoping to modify one a little bit and try and add a BFO.

On the IFTs I found a chart of Chinese symbols for colours on the web and used that. Appears the RF side of mine both worked but the audio didn’t.
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