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Vintage Tape (Audio), Cassette, Wire and Magnetic Disc Recorders and Players Open-reel tape recorders, cassette recorders, 8-track players etc.

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Default A couple of questions re. Tandberg Model 11...

I've posted on here before about how to record my late grandfather's tapes onto my computer, but now I have a whole new issue!

The Tandberg had spent quite a long time in storage before we found it, and it was only used a few times since to listen to a couple of tapes that were with it. However, in recent weeks I have come across a wide range of tapes as we continue to sort through boxes.

I have had an absolute joy listening to them, but I have noticed that it is turning quite slowly compared to normal. It is still on the same speed setting, but every now and then it slows down just for a second and you can hear it in the audio (the sound quickly dips and lowers, if that makes sense).

I'm not sure if this is because it is starting to get a lot of use after a long time not being used, but if anyone can recommend what I can do to make it stop, that would be great!

Something that has also started since this issue, which may help in identifying the problems, is when I "fast forward" the tape, and then press play, the tape gathers whilst rotating and I have to rotate it back by hand whilst it is playing.
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Default Re: A couple of questions re. Tandberg Model 11...

Most likely your Tandberg model 11 will need a service, cleaning the tape path, clean check and quite possibly replace the belt or pulleys.
Also very light lubrication to bearings.

Will send you a PM in case you need help with that
Best Regards
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