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Default Technics SL-P1200 repair services/options

Hi everyone,

I really like the Technics SL-P1200 pro CD player, and in fact own a few of them
However, a couple are faulty and I would really like to see about getting them repaired if possible...

So ... can anyone offer any advice on places or persons that may be able to repair these vintage units?

So far the only place that has come up is MWES in Rochdale.

But before I take them there, I thought I would visit this forum to see if any experts here can provide any further advice/alternatives.
I do know a bit about them and will be able to explain at length (by reply), what is required...

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Technics SL-P1200 repair services/options

Further to my post above, I thought I would expand and give more details on the situation.

I actually have 5 of these (Yes I really like them ). 2 are perfect (play CDs and CDRs no problem). 1 is almost perfect (plays CDs but not CDRs). (I believe this one may have had a new laser installed without being properly set up on a scope with the test CD. I have passed this one on to my father, but hope to get the CD-R issue resolved someday.)

The other 2 are faulty.


One is an American unit that I purchased about 2 months ago from ebay. However, when the unit arrived, the laser lock plunger was free and the lens was half-way up the carriage. To cut a long story short the seller (who was a true gent and had sold quite a number of these) raised a case with ebay global shipping, and I got a full refund and also got to keep the unit. So I have a bit of money to spend on it and am hoping it can be repaired.

The unit powers up fine (with USA>UK voltage conver). It is in nice cosmetic condition.
However it does not spin CDs or even read the TOC. Apparently laser focus must be obtained before the spindle rotates.
There is also no faint ‘click’ when you turn the unit on (like there is on my other working SL-P1200s). And no slightly louder ‘click’ when you turn it off.
If I move the laser lens manually up the carriage, it moves back on its own when the lid is closed (and power is on).
So, I believe the laser to be faulty? Now, it is almost impossible to get spare parts for these vintage players.
But I do have 2 (very good working order, plays CDRs with no skipping), Technics SL-P111 CD Players. These use the same laser pickup (SOALP1200) as the SL-P1200, so this could be a donor unit for the laser.

So what I’m after is someone to transplant the laser from the SL-P111 to the SL-P1200 and perform related calibration?


The other faulty one worked fine until I had to keep pressing down on the lid slightly to keep the lid close detector working. Otherwise it would stop playing CDs. I opened it up to have a look. But I think I may have put a bit too much force when pulling out the power connector (CN1) from the power PCB. And now it doesn’t power up at all. Also on this one I think the traverse rails need a good clean because CDs with a lot of tracks jump in the high track numbers. CD singles are fine.

So this one needs the power problem sorting, the open/close detection sorting properly, and traverse rails cleaning?

Hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction.

Thanks everyone.
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Default Re: Technics SL-P1200 repair services/options

Hi MisterB,

I have two of these units sitting in my workshop.
One of them was bought back in 2000 from a pawn shop, and was working when I bought it.
It sat in my cupboard for almost 4 years before I dragged it out with the intention of using it, by which time it had decided to cease operation, refusing to acknowledge that the door was shut (a common problem).
I picked up a second one from a radio station garage sale about 9 years ago and it was also in working condition although I haven't tested it recently.

Referring to your issue with Number 2 deck (and possibly Number 1), these machines have a known fault with the door detection switch.
There used to be a company selling a retro fit switch upgrade kit, but I haven't seen these for many years.
The optical block won't activate or seek the TOC unless the door closed signal is received by the microprocessor, so this issue has to be sorted first.
I know there is a solenoid (plunger) which is actuated once the door is closed, this produces an audible click sound and may be the sound you're not hearing when you power Number 1 deck up.
I think the solenoid locks the door in place when closed.
Given the unreliability of the factory switch, my thoughts are to look at the possibility of replacing the 'blade and fingers' arrangement with a single sealed switch of some type. This would far improve the unit's reliability and operation.

These are beautiful machines, solid and built like the proverbial outhouse.
Sadly however they are becoming very long in the tooth and questionable as to whether they can be repaired effectively - especially now since the optical blocks are no longer available.
It would be interesting to see if you are able to get yours sorted.

With my pair I suspect I will have to make one from the two.
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