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Vintage Radio (domestic) Domestic vintage radio (wireless) receivers only.

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Default Re: Setting up external antenna for AM and FM reception?

It's a point to start from, though I can't say I will stick those particular dealers, got a preferred dealer for electronics stuff, cables and such.

We'll see what kind of timetable I'll actualize this on... A mast is needed too, and mounts. I could possibly fabricate that myself, though I've seen 2nd hand masts and antennas for sale real cheap now and then so that's sometihng to keep looking out for.
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Mr 1936
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Default Re: Setting up external antenna for AM and FM reception?

Hi Dennis

Long ago, my favourite FM radio station was about 150 km away. I used a high-gain directional FM yagi aerial on a mast fitted to the end of the house.

I found it much easier to have a mast long enough to reach the ground. In the UK one can source Aluminium scaffolding pole, which is 48.3 mm diameter and has 4.5 mm thick walls and is quite strong. The long pole meant that I could easily turn it by hand when standing on the ground - no need for a rotator but a ground mounted rotator is of course possible. It also meant that all the weight was taken down to the ground, so the wall brackets (I used two) were simpler.

Erecting the antenna was done by assembling the antenna to the mast at ground level, then raising the whole assembly with a rope and pulley through the upper bracket. Once nearly vertical, one could stand on a ladder and fix it to the brackets using U-bolts and short lengths of tube (split in half) to give a loose plain bearing. The antenna could also be lowered and raised again using rope if I ever needed to change it or maintain it. All much easier if you are a bit of an experimenter.
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