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Vintage Radio (domestic) Domestic vintage radio (wireless) receivers only.

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Default Sony CRF320 readout problems

Hello, I am new on this discussion group and wonder if anyone can help me with a problem on this CRF320 receiver
I recently got this receiver from a neighbour of mine, a good looking Sony CRF320 and being a Radio Amateur I was very interested in it.
However it has a problem with the readout on the Shortwave. The last three digits aren't there, only the dashes.
Looked at the good video of Mr. Carlson on Youtube and saw the important tips how to solve this Problem. At the same time I renewed a lot of Electolytes on the Power Supply and the oscillator board. The reference signal (5Khz) and the VFO signal 2.455-3.455 Mhz, both needed for the counter board, are present.
But still the problem remains, no last three digits on the freq. Display.
So I expect something is wrong in the counter board itself. Before I remove this unit, which seems to be a lot of work I would ask all of you if anyone have tips so I can repair this unit.
Thanks in advance, Roel
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