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Member Introductions and News A place where members can introduce themselves and post occasional news about themselves.

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Default Mike from Austria

Hello radio-friends!

My name is Michael, I'm from Petronell, a small town in the region of Carnuntum, situated right between Vienna and Bratislava, right next to natural park Danube woods.

My interest in radios began very soon, as young toddler, I took somehow the Philips radio apart which didn't work anymore (i don't remember this myself, I was told...). My parents didn't manage to open the screws - I did. Must have been 2 or 3 years old by then.

With 9 or 10 years or so I started to checkout various dumpsters. I had my own soldering iron by then. Soon after, the great C-64 followed. Technics galore.

By 13 i got my first CB radio - no mobile phones back then. We were the cool guys at school, often talking into late night hours, and leaving the thing on just to wake each other up.

At 15 I started my education as telecommunications technician, providing some crazy stuff - my project in first year was a class-A amplifier in a computer case, even using the power supply and the connectors. 2N3055s as finals with big bias current, fist-sized electrolytics (we had access to leftover stuff from a big company). 3.14 hz - 50 khz -3db range. As calculated and tested (big company.....)

I finished my education at 19 with very good marks. But my interest had shifted a bit, so i came a bit astray... I changed over to an ISP becoming "Webmaster" (very interesting term back then...), which failed financially. Then some time on the airport nearby (Vienna) as ramp agent, cargo agent, dangerous goods expert and blah whatever.

One day I was fed up with this (though earning good money!) so i quit from one day to the other. (something with dangerous goods happened, don't ask.)

2 weeks later i had a job as hardware-technician. Then the virus had me again

Within one year i had a "big" shortwave receiver and - again - a CB station that could wreck neighbours TV reception up to 3 houses away. And started my testing equipment park.

1.5 years later i made my amateur-radio licence. The full big thingie after some friends "convinced" me that as a techie it shouldn't be a problem. I nearly failed the test. On the legalese questions...

Another 11.5 years and i finally found this forum... Hope we can exchange experiences, as i now have a little collection of "vintage" gear as well... UK is very good as i have a Ferguson receiver i cant find much info on the net

so if you really read this to the end, thank you, have a nice Sunday!

And keep your treasures alive hehe... I'm just doing a "rolling restoration"
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Default Re: Mike from Austria

Welcome to the forum Michael from a fellow ex dumpster diver and CB user.
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Default Re: Mike from Austria


Welcome to the forum
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Diabolical Artificer
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Default Re: Mike from Austria

Welcome to the forum Mike, skips round here are scarce, good skips rare as hens teeth'

Curiosity hasn't killed this far.
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Default Re: Mike from Austria

Hi Mike and welcome, we are over in Austria most summers, but at the opposite end of the country, Nenzing.
There was a small vintage museum in Feldkirk, in the middle of the town run b y a local man, not sure if it is still there, but the old town hydro scheme (still operating), also in the middle of the town is worth viewing.

Tchus, Ed
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Default Re: Mike from Austria

Hello Mike,

My mother was born in a little rural place called Eibiswald, coming to live here just after the war:

Like you and me, she enjoys grabbing treasure from skips too!

Welcome to the forum,

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