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Vintage Radio (domestic) Domestic vintage radio (wireless) receivers only.

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Post Hacker Harrier RP 71 Power Supply

Yesterday I was given a Hacker Harrier RP 71 by a relative.
This forum was really useful when trying to figure out how to power it from the mains.

This post is
#1 to thank all those members for their generous knowledge-sharing (thank you!)
#2 to consolidate that info
#3 and provide solution for any other Harrier-owners - hope it may be of use

So ... here is what you'll need to power your Hacker Harrier RP-71 without batteries.


Power Supply
DC 9v 200mA Linear, Stabilised

Male barrel jack, centre negative, 2.1mm Centre, 5.5mm Diameter, 14mm Length


Let's go shopping ...

I discovered a lot of guitar pedals use a similar supply so there's rich pickings in that world. Musicians are also very fussy about noise and interference, which is useful for us. I bought an Electro-Harmonix linear, regulated adaptor

(n.b. I did try using a switching power supply that I had lying around which got the radio working, but -as others note - it made a high-pitched whistling interference that makes it completely unlistenable)

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