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Default Sharp Price Codes in Service Manuals?

Does anybody remember these?

When I had the misfortune to work at one of Sharp's main service centres in Manchester for the worst manager I ever knew, I remember these codes starting at "20p" for "AA" and I remember the highest code I.came across was "CZ" which was about £173 at the time, if I remember correctly!

Did Sharp go any higher than "CZ" at £173?

When I worked there I had to fill in both the two letter code and the price from regular "price sheets" that were issued every few weeks – and unfortunately it was always the engineers fault if the two–letter price code wasn't in the service manual – Sharp themselves didn't always quote it for every item!

I'm glad that centre is long gone but I still enjoy working on Sharp equipment tho!

Chris Williams


That manager got his come–uppance when Sharp took the contract off him – I remember the closure was announced in Television magazine!
It's an enigma, that's what it is! This thing's not fixed because it doesn't want to be fixed!
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Graham G3ZVT
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Default Re: Sharp Price Codes in Service Manuals?

The late Julian Niman (G8GAJ) started his working life at that place, but I suspect it was a few years before your time there (about 1971).
He went on to do greater things, as some will know.
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