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Vintage Radio (domestic) Domestic vintage radio (wireless) receivers only.

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Default Re: Desoldering

They're a sort of bootlace ferrule aren't they?

I've got some VGA cables that I cut in half in order to to connect the wires to a PCB project, but I discovered the over-all screen was aluminium braid. In order to make a soldered connection, I attached a pigtail of coper flex to the twisted aluminium strands by binding them with a coil of tinned copper wire and saturating the joint with solder.
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Default Re: Desoldering

If there's room for a bit of wiggle, I heat the joint till it flows, remove the heat while gently wiggling the wire to be removed until cool. This does what exactly one would expect, and the wire can usually be unwound or snipped once cool.


Colin MM1APS
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