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Default Forum Usernames and Passwords.

Those of you who log in infrequently may like to print this post for future reference.

When registering on the forum, you will need to choose a username. Please refrain from using anything that may be easily confused with other members or people, for instance, Amateur Radio Callsigns (for example "G9XXX" is no good, whereas "G9XXX Fred" is OK). Also do not include anything that could be regarded as obscene or insulting.

Usernames may contain letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores and spaces only. Minimum and maximum username restrictions apply; currently minimum 7 characters and maximum 15 characters.

Choose a username that is easy to remember. Try to avoid the use of punctuation marks and multiple spaces. If you don't you may forget whether you used a dash or an underscore, one space or two.

Your username isn't a secret. It appears next to every post you make, so it will do no harm to write it down. Likewise it will do no harm to write down your password, so long as it's not also used for online banking, eBay or Paypal.

If you do not log for more than a year you may be retired from the forums. You will need to contact the moderators to get your account reactivated.

If you have forgotten your password and/or username it is possible to retrieve them without assistance from the moderators. You will however need to know the email address in your forum profile. The email address must of course still be active. For this reason if you change your email address you should update your profile to show the new email address.

Click on the link below and enter your email address in the appropriate box. You will also be asked to look at some text and type EXACTLY the same text into a box. This means that upper case (capital) letters must be typed as upper case letters and lower case (small) letters must be typed as lower case letters. If the text you are asked to copy is unclear, click on the Refresh Button (two clockwise arrows to the right of the text box) to display some different text. You can do this several times if necessary.

Having entered your email address and the text, click on the button marked "Request Username / Password Now"

Shortly after you will receive an email from the forums containing your username. Click on the link in the email. You will then receive a second email containing your new password.

Make a note of the new password or copy it using your email client's edit function. You will then be able to log in to the forums in the normal way by typing or pasting in your new password. However it is recommended that you click on the link in the second email which will enable you to change your password to something more memorable.

If you have to contact the moderators about log in problems please include your username and details of any error messages. A message saying just "Can't log in" isn't very helpful, but is typical of what the moderators receive.
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