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Old 11th Nov 2014, 10:11 am   #21
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Default Re: Quotes - how do I do them?

One thing I have never used but wonder what it's for, is the little ' "+ ' button at the bottom right hand corner of each post. What does it do? When wishing to quote part of a previous post, I have always used the button next to it, ie the 'quote' button.
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Default Re: Quotes - how do I do them?

I've never used it, but just had a quick play and it adds quotes together. When you press "Quote" they all appear in the edit window together.
Could be useful if you need to quote the odd sentence or phrase from several posts.
Bill, BVWS member
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Mike Phelan
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Default Re: Quotes - how do I do them?

To add to what Bill is saying, if you wave your mouse over the "+ button, the tip shows "Multi-quote this message".

You can do this several times, finally pressing the "Quote" button, then the last post will be quoted with all the preceding multi-quotes in the order you created them.
Then it's just necessary to do any necessary editing before posting your reply.
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Al (astral highway)
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Default Re: Quotes - how do I do them?

Originally Posted by dseymo1 View Post
Does anyone know a work-around for this?
I can't offer you a technical workaround. However, if you must post on the go and it's a struggle to comply, how about using 'quick reply' and referencing the name of the person you're replying to, along with enough context to make sense? That works perfectly well, even if you don't quote one word.

I can understand and have sympathy for the concern of the moderators around this. Among other very obvious reasons why clarity is important, posts on this are very highly ranked on external search engines. It simply makes sense that they are intelligible and clear.
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