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Other Vintage Household Electrical or Electromechanical Items For discussions about other vintage (over 25 years old) electrical and electromechanical household items. See the sticky thread for details.

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Old 9th May 2022, 4:28 pm   #21
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Default Re: Vintage Revo fan

I thought I wouldn't do anything silly like stick my fingers into a sparsely guarded vintage fan. Luckily when I did it was a pifco with plastic blades, which hurt a great deal, no severing of any kind. (It had gone dark on a summer's evening and I reached for the desk light switch, which was behind the fan, I totally forgot the fan was even there).

Your Revo is a collectible thing, I'd say! As a Tipton company there are a few revo items in the black country museum as I'm sure Phil will confirm.
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Phil G4SPZ
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Default Re: Vintage Revo fan

I was once given one of those desk fans with unguarded rubber blades. They wouldn’t chop your fingers off, although they did manage to give the previous owner’s backside a painful slap when he inadvertently backed into it! Hence its arrival with me. Eventually the rubber impeller perished and one blade flew a surprisingly long distance.

Yes, I believe the Museum has examples of domestic electric irons and fires, and probably others too.

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Default Re: Vintage Revo fan

A new one to me, I love the guard design that suggests rotation even when all is still. I've just two Revo products now, a mid '30s cooker that's been following us around since 1980 and a much more recently acquired Revophone crystal set.

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