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Hints, Tips and Solutions (Do NOT post requests for help here) If you have any useful general hints and tips for vintage technology repair and restoration, please share them here. PLEASE DO NOT POST REQUESTS FOR HELP HERE!

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Default Re: Liquid Rosin Flux

I've still got some of the fluxite brownish stuff as per that green tin, it really works well on old stuff and makes a satisfying sizzle. I'd agree it should be washed off with IPA though. The LA-CO stuff that farnell sells is similar in effect, cuts through anything.
Recently I had the flux from Rapid, sold as Stannol Rosin flux. It's not brilliant. Good for surface mount and bright components but hopeless with old tarnish.

I used to have some Fry's Powerflow in the yellow tin; its aimed at plumbers I think. Viciously effective on old overheated joints. However I once removed an SMD processor from a board using it, forgot about it during an extended wait for a new chip from abroad, and when I came to it, the pcb pads had all gone green and took me an age to get it back to copper.

I was always taught to wash a board after soldering, with trichloroethane in the old days and now IPA,no matter what method was used, and I still do on all but the cheapest repairs.
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Default Re: Liquid Rosin Flux

Yes, we used to slosh Trico (Arclone) around on everything, in those innocent days
- Julian

It's good here
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