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Default Using a Mini HD player to feed a Hedghog or Aurora

A quick note of my efforts to put together a compact demonstration source for my few old TVs. I am very much a novice in TV matters. Radios, amps etc are fine, but TV is still a black art!

(I have also posted these details on the Golborne Vintage Radio Forum)

I have two 405-line sets, Pamphonic as you might have guessed. One is a lovely Pam T958 12" set from 1955, based on the Pye V2. The other is a 17" Pam 600 from 1959.

When asked to demonstrate either set by visitors, I have been in the habit of cranking up a tangled heap of dvd player(s), freeview boxes, Aurora/Hedghog and lots of wires and power supplies. My go-to DVDs are of course the lovely ones distrubuted as part of my BVWS subscription from about 2004 to 2016. So in an attempt to make things simpler and tidier, I started looking at other sources. I wondered whether a tiny media payer based on an SD card might work, fed into an Aurora or Hedghog converter/modulator.

The spec was fairly simple:
- able to deliver many hours of material without intervention
- all files on easy to manage media (SD card)
- able to play files from standard DVDs (eg .vob etc)
- composite video and discrete audio outputs (not HDMI)
- compact, to fit in an overall box with Aurora and psu(s)
- optional remote control

My current experiments use a £14 "Mini HD PLayer" I bought on Ebay last year. The current model is probably something like this one:
It fits all the above criteria. I had a spare 32Gb micro-SD card from a defunct Android phone, and have used that, in an "adapter" that bulks it up to full SD size. A 32Gb card can hold virtually all the BVWS DVD films.

I did look at the flashy Android based media players, but it's clear that they expect a nice colour HD display, as their menus rely on minute icons. The menu system on the more modest player I am using is easily usable on old B&W screens. Stick to the simpler tech in this instance.

All I had to do was put each DVD in the pc, look for the .vob files and just copy those. The smaller files can be copied but are not necessary. The media player has a simple onscreen interface where you can chose the directory (if used) and the file you want to play. The player can also act as an audio source if you just want sound for radio sets, via a pantry-set transmitter.

So far the results are very good. The only issue is that the picture from the DVD films looks as if its displaying low on the screen, with a gap at the top. The Hedghog test card displays correctly. It's certainly a compact way of generating video to demonstrate older TVs. I have yet to box it all up in one unit but that's in train.

I would be interested in any comments, especially from anyone why has experimented with this route.
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Default Re: Using a Mini HD player to feed a Hedghog or Aurora

Well done on finishing your HH1, when testing Hedgogs, a Humax box is used which has USB input and accepts a large variety of formats, which is the same as what your doing with the HD player.
On the subject of the band when playing DVD`s, i suspect it may be the input aspect ratio, similar results can be achieved using the input ratio selector switch on the Hedghog 2
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