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Old 11th Nov 2021, 6:06 pm   #1
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Default Prematurely Bumping Threads

Its been very noticeable recently that the Mods have had to delete a lots of posts where a thread is prematurely bumped:

Threads should normally only be bumped after 14 days.
Rule B3 states: "If you start a new thread please don't bump it until at least 14 days have elapsed after you last posted in it."
This includes trying to beat the system by adding "additional information" after a day or two.

Exceptions are:
Where there is a real time constraint such as travel request/arrangements for a forthcoming event (but not online auctions ending etc).
Where the thread has dropped below half way down the second page for that section (bear in mind most of these are likely to be sales and wants).


Mike T
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Old 12th Nov 2021, 3:01 pm   #2
Radio Wrangler
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Default Re: Prematurely Bumping Threads

It comes down to the matter of intent.

If a repair is being discussed, various people will inevitably post new information as more is discovered and new thoughts contributed. We don't want to impede this progress. It's what the forum's all about.

However, there are instances where overt bumps are used to put the same stuff in front of everyone's eyes all over again. Also some bits of added information in added posts look rather trivial leading to the suspicion that it's a disguised bump trying to fly under the radar. Doing this too often is considered antisocial. It uses up people's bandwidth and attention-span.

It is very difficult to prove intent, and this isn't a court of law. The moderators have the final decision, and if something is seen as excessive bumping, we will act. The aim is not to suppress the poster's attempt to sell/buy something, the aim is to limit the annoyance of others.

If a post has gone on for a long enough while that it seems people may have forgotten that it's still out there looking for a response, then a bump can be a helpful reminder.

Bumping has its place, but it needs to be used with consideration.

If left unchecked, the forum would be a noisier place, and some people would succeed in making themselves look desperate which would have a negative effect.

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Paul Stenning
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Default Re: Prematurely Bumping Threads

A bump for this "Prematurely Bumping Threads" thread, because we are seeing more of this, especially in the Sets, Parts and Service Information Offered section.

Paul Stenning
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