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Keith robertson
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Default Philips N4308

Hi everyone, I am trying to repair a philips n4308 reel to reel inherited from my father. Initially the tape was not moving and I can consigned it to the attic. Recently, I replaced the drive belts and although the motor and belts now seem to be moving, pressing play with a tape in place gives no results. Fast forward and rewind seem to work. Any suggestions?
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Default Re: Philips N4308

Hello Keith and welcome to the Forum.

Is the capstan shaft rotating ?

If so then when Play is selected the Pressure/Pinch Roller should move towards the rotating capstan shaft, pressing the tape onto the capstan shaft, the roller should also then rotate which should drive the tape forward off the Supply spool.

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Default Re: Philips N4308

Yes. We assume you have replaced ALL the belts, not just the ones you can see. The flywheel belt is underneath and drives the capstan. Here's a reasonably good video of how the mechanism works:
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