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Old 15th Jan 2004, 8:18 pm   #1
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Default where to buy television components?

i need somewhere i can get high voltage capacitors etc
for use in my tv restorations.
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Default Re: where to buy television components?

Try Rapid Electronics they have them up to 1kv 8)

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Default Re: where to buy television components?

Hello there,
Also try Farnell, and RS as these do a good range of high voltage capacitors.
CPC do a small range as well
Maplin is fairly useless and the highest voltage types only go up to 450 volts. Most are in the sub 100 volt range.
Christopher Capener
Interests in the collection and restoration of Tefifon players and 405 line television
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Old 16th Jan 2004, 12:10 am   #4
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Default Re: where to buy television components?

On the same subject (sort of...)

Does anyone know of a source of REALLY high voltage capacitors (i.e. of the order of 12 kVdc or better), with low values (10 pF, 22 pF, 33 pF... up to about 68 pF)?

Something (electrically) like the old tubular or disc ceramic " pulse capacitors " used for flyback tuning on valve-era LOPTs is sought. Everything I have found so far has either the voltage (12 kV or better) OR the low values (33 pF etc) but not both together!

All leads gratefully received.
David F. Symes
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Old 16th Jan 2004, 12:40 am   #5
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Default Re: where to buy television components?

I use cpc for most of my caps ie 0.01 0.47 s I use the yellow 1000v wkg types.
And for electrolitics I use the 450 wkg types.
These caps are almost the same size as the old wax
caps and dont look silly .
As for EHT caps I have seen some beefy ones at the
burmingham Bash for A quid each ( I like A fool only bought A few ).
EHT caps such as visconol replacements are A problem
to find .
Unless you coat the tube with aquadac and earth it.

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Default Re: where to buy television components?

Remember that _all_ Visconol EHT capacitors are faulty. Even if they are NOS or apparently OK now they won't be OK for very long. Using a CRT with dag coating usually works but may not be authentic. The oil in them is said to be carcinogenic (PCB = PolyChloroBiphenyl) though I don't know if this is true.
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