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Television Standards Converters, Modulators etc Standards converters, modulators anything else for providing signals to vintage televisions.

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System A
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Default My Converter

Hi everone the standards converter i use everday is my good friend David Boyne"s first attempt back in 1984 . It has no interpolation so sometimes had trouble with horizontal lines making them look stepped .
Regards . gary .

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Default Re: My Converter

Gary has used this converter since 1990 and indeed it was my first attempt at the consruction of such a piece of equipment. If it had not been for Gary the poor thing would have been scrapped and used for spares for other projects. Gary paid me a visit sometime in 1990 and noticed on the workbench a pile of PCBs and and components assembled on Veroboard. He enquired what the parts were used for and I told him that it was my first standards converter.
Anyway, to keep the story short I reassembled the converter and gave it to Gary.
This simple converter did have a simple system of line interpolation, but we couldn't get it to work properly after reassembly with the interpolator so now it exists to this day as a simple line dropping converter. Even though 220 lines of the input standard are dropped the converted 405 picture does not look all that bad.

A modulator for the converter was constructed on a 100 X 120mm PCB. The circuit is the channel 1 modulator designed by David Looser in 1984.
The article for the construction of this modulator appeared in the August 1984Television magazine.

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Default Re: My Converter

David Boynes is to be congratulated as the first person outside the BBC/ITV/Pye who successfully designed and/or built a 625 to 405 converter. Was it really as far back as 1984? I thought it was around 1988/89. I didn't meet David until 1986/87 and ISTR he was still struggling to get results at the time.

David Looser's excellent modulator was widely used by enthusiasts and predates my own design which used Rediffusion modules.
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