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Old 27th Sep 2004, 8:27 am   #1
Mike Phelan
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Default Pye Hybrid CTV stock faults

In the distant past, it was suggested that we started this topic, so here goes:
Apologies for lack of component numbers - no manual!

Weak sync - contrast pot gone high
Weak or no line sync - 47k 2w feeding pulses to flywheel diodes burnt up
Line osc stopped - 100k in series with hold control o/c
Intercarrier buzz - adjust slope detector coil
Wavy horizontal lines (wired LOP type) - solder earth lead to line osc can (yes you can!)
Intermittent chroma - polystyrene caps (2 x 4700pf?) in ref osc
PCL84s overheating - change grid leaks from 2m2 to 680k

More when I get time!
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Old 27th Sep 2004, 9:53 pm   #2
Hybrid tellies
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Default Re: Stock faults - Pye 691 and derivatives

A few more.
Flyback lines: VT28 BC147 blanking transistor, in cathode feed of luminance output valve, short cct.
Colour casting effect across screen: R390-392 12K anode load resisters to CDA amps open circuit.
Line striations on left hand side of screen: 1.5K Resistor across line linearity coil open circuit.
Picture looks ok but frequent failure of HT rectifier,R306 and PL509 line output valve: Shorted turns with burn mark on EHT overwind.
No Picture with smoke pouring from back of set. C224 short circuit placing boost line across R227 (100K)
Intermittent line oscilator slow start. C210 4 uf electrolytic off the wiper of line hold control dried out, sometimes goes leaky as well.. We always changed out the 100k feed resistor R210.
Thats all that I can recall. Somebody elses turn to recall the many faults that afflicted this very troubled colour chassis :
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Default Re: Stock faults - Pye 691 and derivatives

There is a 4.7MOhm on the IF panel which biases the sync separator transistor - goes o/c, causing weak sync.

The " pincushion amplitude " pot on the convergence panel goes o/c causing poor geometry.

The " sit up " pot on the frame panel goes intermittent, causing flyback lines (+ teletext twinklies) and poor top vertical linearity.

On the 697, the LOPTx tended to burn out, due to inadequate insulation/clearances on the EHT tripler winding. Later LOPTx had a white plastic ring on the core, to stop this.


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