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Old 29th Apr 2004, 10:22 am   #1
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Default Where to obtain EHT cable

After starting restoration on a couple of old tv's it has become obvious that the EHT cable is past it's best either cracked or gone very brittle due to age, my question is, has anyone found a source of cable?i have searched the web without any success many years ago we used the inner core of good quality coax cable in an emergency but i would like to keep the original looks if possible : Any ideas?

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Default Re: Where to obtain EHT cable

Hi Mike.
I don't know what other forum members think of this one, but have you considered car(or motorcycle) HT lead?
Our local independent motor shop sells it on the roll for motorcyclists to make their own HT leads.
Get the stuff with the real wire up the inside(NOT the type with the carbon centre)!! Any colour you like so long as it's black.
Seeing as the same magnitude of voltages are involved it would seem suitable.
Also used for lawnmowers I believe, so if you are stuck try a mower repairers.

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Default Re: Where to obtain EHT cable

The inner of many co-ax cables is suitable for EHT cable. Use the solid dielectric types, not he semi-air spaced " low loss " cables.

The clear/white of such insulation is close to what was used in many older sets. I believe co-ax inner was routinely used as a replacement EHT cable in many workshops.
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Default Re: Where to obtain EHT cable

RS sells Raydex RD8317 EHT cable ( part no. 211-4218 ) , however it is for a 25m reel, is red and will cost over £ delivery charges if you don't have an account
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